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Did you ever think about what scarecrows do? They scare the crows, so they don't eat the crops. What if you were trying to eat the crops and scarecrows didn't like it? What if they watch your every move when you're not looking? What if they want you dead?

There's a lot of questions, none of them have answers. Will you be able to avoid the scarecrows infinitely? Or will they catch you? You are the one who decides usually, but you are at their home, the field, and at their home, they have their rules. They also really like bear traps, but forget where they are.


Collect 5 wells and Survive!


Keyboard / Mouse :

  • WASD - Walk
  • Mouse - Look
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • E / LMB - Interact
  • Escape - Pause Menu

Gamepad :

  • Left Thumbstick - Walk
  • Right Thumbstick - Look
  • Face Bottom (A) - Jump
  • Face Left (X) - Interact
  • Special Right - Pause Menu


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Scarecrows 2.2 64bit 127 MB
Scarecrows 2.2 32bit 107 MB

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Played this for a 3 free indie horrors. I think I played a different version and i would had posted this there, but the page has been removed, anyways. This game was alright, it was pretty generic in style and didn't really offer much other than run around a wheat field and get chased by scarecrows. Although, that was the core of the gameplay, there wasn't anything really wrong with the game, and it's not a bad game at all. I just think it needs more content. You can watch my playthrough below, it's the 1st game in the video. 

That page doesnt exist now because I am fixing it right now, it will be back online soon

Okay. Thanks for clarifying . 😊

Could you please change the link in from your video to https://majik-games.itch.io/mrtwigs please? this is the new URL, when renaming the project didn't realize people will make videos on it lol

Yeah, just changed it and no problem. 😊


so the other version of the game randomly disappeared but this was an awesome game! :D super creepy vibes and i had to find 3 altars instead of trying to collect 5 wells XD awesome job on making this game :D 


The page doesnt exist because im fixing it, it will be back online very soon, today to be more exact

had a little problem with it? i was walking about 5 seconds and i died early, is it suppose to happen? it happened about...3 times that i died super quick.

Happened a few times to me as well. Literally as soon as I started a died lol


I've never been good with jumpscares, and even thouh I unfortunately couldn't beat the game in my video, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I've never been to a field like this in real life, but I got the sense that the environment was conveyed really well! Awesome work!


I really liked this game! It was hard at first but then I got the hang of it, it was so well made!

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I like this game it a nice little experience. When i was child i was always afraid of scarecrows, so the reasen it was much scary because i remember that. But that is funy. When we were young the parents say dont eat from the plants because the stroipop (scarecrow) are watching you and then they will eat you :) now this make me smile but in the past it was horror i was not able to sleep.

i want to say thank you. i love the idea and the style you made this game. Hope this text is right sorry for bad english
gave you 5 stars


Thanks for playing, love that people like playing my games, and yes there were a few mistakes in your text but that's alright, English is hard sometimes. :D


I played it before the update that included the objectives, RIP! Watch me make a fool out of the scarecrow army ;o


Looks good, but needs an objective.

Thanks for playing! Didn't expect anyone to make a video on it, I'm working on an update that will add an objective to find a few things in the field, so you can't just stand in place and look at all of them. ;) 


A good game. Amazing art style. 

Just need some more gameplay 

4/5 TGN